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Learn Healthcare IT Skills Your Way

A class of healthcare students

Train to Fill the Increasing Need for Health IT Workers

Preparing students for rewarding careers in Health Technology and Health IT Roles including:

  • Patient Services Representative

  • Billing and Collections Coordinator

  • Health IT Support Analyst

  • HIT and EHR Analyst

  • Healthcare IT Manager

  • Data Analytics and Informatics Analyst

Who We Are

Zoom class

Get to Know Us!

Welcome to the HTAA IT Institute, a non-profit organization with a mission to provide comprehensive Health IT training to those committed to serving the healthcare industry. We believe in a dynamic approach to learning, fueled by innovation and interaction. Our faculty are Healthcare IT practitioners who live and breathe healthcare. As a student of HTAA IT Institute, you will have the opportunity to empower yourself through education and make a difference within healthcare. We help you get placed in jobs matching your skills.

Meet Our Instructors

Robert Zimmerman
Danielle Gamby
Carol Loftur-Thun Headshot - Gray Background .png

Robert Zimmerman                                             Danielle Zaheer                                                    Carol Loftur-Thun
Health Tech SME                                                                     Healthcare Practice Manager                                                   Change Management SME

Instructor                                                                                 Instructor                                                                                 Instructor                                                                                 

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Teaching HIT Class

How We Are Different

  • Instructor-Led Course—not “self-study”

  • Instructors come from the industry. Real-world experience

  • Labs conducted with multiple instructors to aid students

  • Relationship with healthcare employers and placement professional

Online Medical Consultant

The Why

Fastest Growing Industry: Healthcare technology is the fastest growing industry, offering unparalleled career opportunities. 


Addressing Staff Shortages: Healthcare is facing a critical shortage of skilled professionals. Our courses are designed to equip you with the expertise needed to fill these vital roles, making you a valuable asset to healthcare organizations seeking qualified staff.


Driving Future Healthcare: With our pre-designed courses, you gain the skills necessary to contribute to and shape this exciting transformation. 


Emphasis on Employment: Our courses are crafted to provide you with the skills and knowledge that employers are actively seeking. Upon completion, you'll be well-prepared to secure employment in a high-demand, cutting-edge industry.

 Advance Your Career in Healthcare 

Start Your Journey to a Career in Healthcare IT Today



Expert Instructors

Our instructors are industry professionals with years of experience in healthcare IT

Our Course Benefits


Flexible Learning

Courses offered where and how you like to learn 





Job Placement

Focus on relationships with organizations that need skilled  individuals now

-Health centers 

-Medical practices

-Community Hospitals

Join the HTAA IT Institute CPHIMS Exam Bootcamp

Looking to expand your career opportunities or distinguish yourself in a competitive market? Register today for the HTAA IT Institute CPHIMS Exam Bootcamp. Includes all HIMSS exam prep materials.


Our Partners

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Student and Partner Organizations Testimonials

"It’s a comprehensive course and
instructors are inspirational. The
technology background I gained has
opened up HIT opportunities."

Nogozi, MD

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